Ourfairview Babycakes - Bernie


(St Fellix Kings Emmerick at Ourfairview

x Ourfairviews Love Goes Down)


Hipscore 3:4

Elbows 0:0

Heart : Clear



Bernie was sold as an 8 week old puppy, and was returned at age 3, along with another Ourfairview bitch, after a marriage break up.

Both bitches were returned having never seen a vet, including never having a single booster.  This was a bit of a shame, however, Bernie was perfect, and we health tested her.


Bernie is rather shy, due to lack of 'puppyhood experience' she is quite nervous around new people.

She has had one litter with us, and in 2020 she will perhaps have another.

Bernie is one of our taller bitches and at her health testing she weighed in at 75kg.  She has a wonderful coat and plenty of bright white.