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rough coated st Bernard stud


Bobo came to us in 2012 after seeing him for sale on facebook!!! we imported him on a freezing Decembers day and took forever to get home with him, bobos dad is very well known super duper champion dog who was shown with amazing success , and we wanted a new bloodline so why not choose a good one!


Bobo is a very sweet natured boy who doesn't really like change, We often have to move dogs around to prevent pregnancies' but have found bobo prefers to stay in his own room often causing us to move everyone else about to suit him, but whatever keeps him happy! Bobo lives with dia and detta and can be the one seen leading them into all sorts of games.

Bobo has a really lush thick dark coat, he has produced several litters with a fair amount having the same coat , he is now 6 years old and at present does not have a single grey hair , he has started to snuggle down earlier in the evenings and loves his sleep , but he will certainly wake up if theirs a deer or fox in the garden, but has been known to then moan when it comes to getting out of bed for breakfast and a wee, which has made dia and detta become pretty lazy too..... unless they lay in bed chatting during the night!

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