Kernewfs beast at ourfairview ~ dante


( Barachois Queen Of The Night At Kerrnewf x Mileoak jerseyboy at ourfairview )



Hipscore 3:5


Elbow score 0:0





Heart : CLEAR 1.5




Dante was mine the day he was born, I certainly didn't plan to take a puppy but when his newborn photo was sent I had to have him, he was perfect , such a pretty colour and I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by.


Dante was due to come to ourfairview at 8 weeks but actually arrived a few weeks later due to me having puppies his breeder , my friend kindly kept him a while , Dante was from a litter of 2 so has a beautiful black sister called zola . When Dante arrived I was told he was a good boy and hadn't been any trouble..... man did that change, Dante has chewed more on his own than 10 years of dogs and puppies put together, and I'm serious, now aged 6 months old, he is finally stopping chewing ........... as much

I have sent dna testing away for dantes actual colour as some call him brown, some grey some cream and some lilac , I don't really care what colour he officially is but it will settle some bets! i look forward to watching my woolly beast grow up and hopefully out of chewing, Most days he can be found chatting through the fence to anyone who will listen, flirting with the girls , yes already! and gathering anything he isn't allowed in a pile by the back door  

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