Mileoak jersey boy at ourfairview - dave


( Deep Love Fouga Zephyr x Mileoaks Treacle Puddin )




hipscore 6:6


elbow score 0:0


cu : dna tested clear


heart : clear


Black newfoundland carries brown and grey


I was looking for a brown stud dog when I heard about dave, everything sounded fab but he was black, his breeder kindly sent away a coat test for me which confirmed he carried brown and so off we went to collect him, dave was returned to his breeder at 10months old due to family issues. we waited for his 1st birthday to come and were very happy that he passed all his health tests.


Dave soon worked out what being a stud dog was all about and produced us some wonderful black and grey puppies, he has also produced black grey and brown puppies for other breeders

Dave has the most wonderful thick coat -unless your the one grooming him, thankfully he enjoys being bathed groomed and blasted , however he soon runs out of patience when it comes to feet cutting, I'm pretty sure he has ticklish feet!!!


Dave utterly adores sitting out in the rain, in a hole kindly dug by dasher , while chewing a bone, he is a very good boy for not chewing what he shouldn't ( unlike dante his son!) but loves a good bone or two, even if they weren't all his, dave is also very good at jumping the fence into next doors pond, which has resulted in new fencing around that side of the garden!

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