Poolsway pure delight at ourfairview ~ delight


( poolsway cool n classy x bernegardens valley whisper)



Hips: 4:6
Heart :clear


Delight came to us from poolsway kennels in the easter week of 2012, she settled in almost instantly and has always been a very good girl, she is the most easy going dog but yet super fast when she hears the food bowls move! she moves like a train and has never been last for dinner time, she also helps rear puppies who perhaps need a calm role model along with Diesel her "husband"


Delights sire is from the Bernegardens kennel and so she bought a lovely new blood line to us at ourfairview and has produced us some very stunning puppies over the years, including our Dick and Dynasty .

Now that delight is retired , she spends most her time sun bathing chewing bones or cleaning ears of anyone who will let her, shes also pretty keen on a boiled egg or raw carrot. she is very much a babysitter, and will always welcome any puppies for cuddles, cleaning or playtime