Ourfairviews destiny


( alpennine gingersnap at ourfairview x finetime dancing with wolves )







Miss destiny has long been retired but she is the all important first Ourfairview puppy , I took weeks to decide her name before she was born, then it hit, she will be our destiny .

Destiny had 3 litters 16 puppies in total and was a perfect mother .


sadly one litter she had a single puppy, he died being born or just before , he was perfect but destiny really didn't cope well , aged 4 she almost went grey overnight, she was in a terrible place and wouldn't settle for days we ended up sedating her for her body to rest, she was quite simply heart broken. I hope to never have an experience like that again

Destiny is a cheerful little lady, she is very fond of harlie and often holds harlies hand and walks her down the garden, she was our first hand holder and still does it now, years later , destiny is now quite deaf, grey and abit crusty but shes healthy and happy still so I hope we have lots more time left. her favourite thing is laying in the sun snoozing , shes always enjoyed it

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