Detta Avila (IMP MEX) ~ detta


( mex ch Paloma de black piuque x multi ch gabo razo )



hipscore : 6:8

heart test : 1.9

elbow score :0:0

cu clear by dna



I imported detta all the way from mexico and she settled the moment she arrived, I felt I had to import to get the correct brown shade that I wanted and ive certainly got that


Detta is a very nice young lady- when shes clean , she can be found at the front of most of the craziness going on or winding up the older dogs! her parents are champions and her pedigree is outstanding

I have high hopes for detta following her health tests in feb 17 , Detta is a typical newfie and loves to play in water , which has encouraged dia her bestie to join in! detta is a keen bone chewer and loves when new toys arrive, she enjoys playing with but more importantly piling up the toys , and then laying on them all, which can make some very odd looking snoozes! she has a beautiful rich brown coat, wonderful movement and stunning eyes

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