Ourfairview pure dynasty ~ Disney




( poolsway pure delight at ourfairview x red diesel at ourfairview)


Disney was returned in 2016 due to her owners change of circumstances. They had planned to breed her, and i had agreed to this, when she was returned I decided id keep her as she was rather shy and had never been an only dog.


Disney has lived with her mum delight and also harry ( her husband!) and dotty. She has a keen nose and loves to sniff out piles of rabbit poo! She often collects feathers too!!! She looks pretty much equally like her mum and dad. Pretty girl indeed.

Disney is no longer shy, and has become a rather lovely fair but firm dominant bitch, shes currently due her first litter to harry and im very much hoping she will be the good mum i expect her to be, i just wish she didnt snore so loud, though she is ready to pop.

Ourfairview St Bernards and Newfoundlands Norfolk

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