Ourfairview laters baby - domina


( ourfairviews dolly day dream x ourfairviews morning star)


Hipscore 7:7

heart : clear


Domina was the FIRST OURFAIRVIEW puppy with both parents being bred by me, so very special indeed


Her mum is my lovely dream, and her daddy is Homer. Domina lives with Dynasty and wont be separated, a few of the other girls don't like domina very much as shes slightly crazy , thankfully dynasty loves her and is super calm, how they are friends I don't know! chalk and cheese indeed

Domina is a midi coated st Bernard, not really rough coated as such but certainly not smooth, as a puppy she looked very rough coated but as the weeks passed her coat became less . she has made us some wonderful rough and smooth puppies


Domina and diesel have had 2 lovely litters together, domina has calmed down a lot since becoming a mum however even being calmer she is still the one youll find upside down, in a pile of mess, stealing bones and toys or generally being a bit of a party girl running about crazy..... im not sure id want her any other way!!!! and that's just aswell because I don't think she plans to change

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