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hipscore 24:24


heart : clear


rough coated st Bernard


Dream was born august 2011 her parents are dory and dexter, Dream was completely a dream come true! born after dory had a whole dead litter , failed to become pregnant 3 times and then had dream and 7 other puppies.


Dream is rough dispite her parents both being smooth
every day i look at dream i see her mothers most beautiful eyes and im very thankful i got a beautiful dory daughter before dory passed away, dream was a lovely puppy for her mum to watch grow and indeed follows dory in many of her ways


while she is called dream she does have the odd bad day.... and should be renamed madam, shes often very strong minded and abit loopy which appears to show in some of her crazy puppies!

Dream is Dominas mum she has had 2 litters born on the same day 2 years apart! she then went on to have her 3rd litter in 2016 and has produced all wonderful puppies


dream is very protective of my children and her puppies and will shout at anyone who she doesn't know, which we have always admired , shes never acted out or taken her scary shouting any further but she thinks she is doing her job of protecting the family, something both her mum and dad liked to do also