Red Diesel at Ourfairview ~ Diesel





hipscore 28

heart test normal


Diesel came to us at 8 weeks old, I fell head over heels in love with him at 5 weeks old and went off to Yorkshire to collect him, I'm so glad we did , the trip took all day as it was snowing, but I couldn't wait a moment longer.


Diesel has during his life so far been a wonderful stud dog, produced many healthy puppies , been a therapy dog and sat by my side while I gave birth, but what diesel does that's extra special is he steals everyones heart the moment he meets them he is the most wonderful friend dog and has never been naughty.


now aged 8 he is going grey, he isn't however slowing down, I'm not sure how many years or litters diesel has left but each day with him is very special


Diesel has been shown, ran that big green carpet at crufts and consistently done well , but I much prefer to see him laid relaxed on the sofa , upside down and snoring !

The dogs aren’t part of our life, they ARE our life , even on our wedding day everything was dropped to handrear someone elses litter whos mother had died giving birth.


The children have been raised alongside the dogs, the puppies have all been born in our living room, as has frankie our daughter and as will hopefully her sister in april 2016.


While we do of course breed and sell puppies its not our “job” its our life, we also own a bouncy castle company ( handy for the yearly bbq) and a phone company which are worked from home around the dogs and litters – often phone meetings have been done covered in slobber in my pj’s !!!


Breeding puppies is quite possibly the best thing to do in life if you have the passion and commitment, the next best thing is at least owning a st Bernard , newfoundland or a couple of each……….