I Am Prince Harry Wielkopolski Bernadyn At Ourfairview(Imp Svk) ~harry


( AM CH Cache Retreat Yukon X PL CH Elizabeth Queen Wielkopolski Bernardyn )




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heart clear


Having lost dexter I needed a new stud dog and reached out to dexters first owner to see what he knew of, as I was already in the process of importing dotty from him, harry had been returned to his friend, a respected breeder and I was told he ticked my boxes,


I looked at his pedigree and photos and asked if I could pay for his health tests before I imported him ( its a long journey for a dog if he cant be used at stud it seems silly)


Harry arrived in august 2016 and settled in instantly, he was very happy to meet all our dogs and was showing  interest in the girls,


which is never a bad thing when you plan to use a dog at stud, he very quickly got the hang of mating and his very first try was with mimi they had a beautiful litter of 12 the puppies are all beautiful and from the litter of 12 one was rough coated

Harry very much is a patroller of ourfairview, he walks the garden in search of rogue rabbits and clears them away as needs be, he has yet to catch one but I'm sure his time will come when the babies are out in spring, for now he appears to make do having the odd taste of their poo!!!  

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