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( ourfairview mistletoe x bernegardens badly wanted at ourfairview imp deu )


hipscore : 5:7

elbows : 0/0



we always name our dogs with a d name, but mimi had to be mimi!!! from 2 weeks old she looked abit like a panda from a cartoon called mimi and so it started, by 8 weeks old she was sold, and at 1 year she returned and become mimi instantly..... I planned to give her a d name, the kids chose one, but always called her mimi so mimi she is!


she has a very wide blaze, and although excepted as correctly marked its not something everyone likes, however we love her, she is still rather young, and rather bouncy but at the same time she knows when to be careful and is very good with children, I regretted not keeping her from the start and was very happy to see her settle back in at ourfairview very easily, she loves spending time snuggled up into Doris's coat

MiMi had her first litter with Harry and had 12 beautiful babies, all pups were healthly and mimi was a fab mum , mimi was from daphne and dexter, and follows in her mums great nature and her nanna daisys .