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Guest blog from The Yards, Bone Broth...

Hello Ourfairview family 🤗

Bone Broth by the Yards

I like to make my own bone broth for my pack. Bone broth is great for them, because it promotes a healthy gut and boosts the immune system. It assists with healthy joints as it contains minerals such as calcium, sulphur, magnesium and phosphorus. It is also a great liver detoxifier. Bone broth is super easy to make..... I use my slow cooker. I fill it with the chicken carcasses, beef bones &/or pigs trotters (mine usually fits two chicken carcasses and a large-ish beef bone or trotter). Then three quarter fill with water (if you can cover the bones, great! If not don't worry) you can also add some kale or a few chopped carrots if you like, but it's perfect without. Then you want to add two good glugs of Apple cider vinegar (not a technical measure - imagine you are pouring yourself a triple whisky and do two of those) 😁 a grind of black pepper and about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Turn on low setting and cook for 20-24 hours - stirring occasionally. Once cooked/done, strain all the carcasses and bones and decant the liquid into a dish or bowl. Let it cool and stick it in the fridge for an hour or two. You should then get the fatty dripping rise to the top and set, with the liquid below.

Leave to cool

Scrape off the dripping and you can use this for bird seed balls if you like. Either pour your clear liquid into jars or pour into silicone moulds. Pop the jars back into the fridge and by morning it will be a firm set jelly bone broth. Perfect for spooning as a topping for dinner! The silicone moulds can be put in the freezer until solid and then popped into a bag for use anytime. You can then pick off the little bits of cooked meat from the bones and mix in a little melted coconut oil and make treat balls or in moulds like I did.👍🏻 Enjoy! Love The Yards

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