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The BBQ cakes!

Over the years we have had many BBQ's with the ourfairview family, what party is ever complete without a cake?

2011 saw the Bernard head cake, the cake arrived the day before the BBQ and one head

The first ourfairview BBQ cake EVER

went missing, no one ever admitted to eating it and the dogs got blamed, no way would a dog have carefully pealed a head off, and smoothed the area with a finger back down....

2012 saw the bone cake, because, well I had no better idea and it made sense at the time , thankfully it tasted lovely at least.

The 2012 ourfairview BBQ cake

In November 2012 Amy at saintly cakes took over the cake making duties, having bought a puppy from us. the cakes have all been made with a particular thing in mind since then. Amy has never let us down with moist chocolate cakes, strawberries, white chocolate filling.... whatever flavour George wants Amy bakes :) she doesn't just bake for us you can find her at

The first cake by Amy

2013 saw the cake having a saint , a newfie and a cross , because we had the st Bernard cross newfie litter and although unplanned we love all the puppies the same

Ourfairview BBQ cake 2014

2014 saw a chaotic paw print cake with our logo on top , but it had a very plain special middle cake with a single daisy on, having lost my daisy it was in remembrance to her ( its the 28/03/17 today, I still have the daisy wrapped up in a bag)

Ourfairview BBQ cake 2015

2015 represented a beautiful garden and a dog digging making a mess, we all love our dogs , but 2015 saw a lot of us moaning about digging, and general garden mishaps!

ourfairview BBQ cake 2016

2016 was the year of the leopard dog, yep leopard dog!!! the cake was leopard print to look at from a distance, but if you looked before you ate it, you'd see they were tiny paws

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