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About Us

How it all begun

We settled on “Ourfairview” as our kennel club affix which is also the name of our house.  Ourfairview is owned by me Cheri, my husband George,  our 4 daughters, and of course not forgetting the ever changing number of dogs, 3 cats and 2 tortoises. We bought Ourfairview in 2007 and at the time had no idea of what was to come!


George grew up with dogs including a St Bernard, and insisted we “needed” one!  I didn’t want such a large dog and certainly not one that needed grooming and slobbered!!! We went along to see some puppies purely to make George stop asking...


That was the day that I discovered smooth coated St Bernard’s and bought 2!!!! Beethoven the movies certainly over played the grooming and slobber….I’d have bought more home if George said yes!!!

Naturally, our first litter arrived and then I knew I was hooked, Daisy was a fab mum of ten, Dora was winning shows, and it all began!


Since then the 2 girls have both passed away, but not without leaving me grateful for every moment I had with them, and all the things they taught me.  They gave me the confidence to move forward and continue to do what I had fell in love with….


Ourfairview is a registered English kennel club name.  I am an assured breeder registered for St Bernard’s, and I am also council licensed and inspected with a 5 star rating


I am a qualified microchip implanter and also help animal charities with the whelping of abandoned bitches. i have my own scanner and can scan for pregnancies too 

The dogs are a huge part of our life even on our wedding day everything was dropped to hand-rear someone else’s litter whose mother had died giving birth.


The children have been raised alongside the dogs; the puppies have all been born in our living room, as has Frankie our daughter and her sister Cesalie in April 2016 while diesel over looked the midwife


While we do of course breed and sell puppies it’s not our “job” it’s our passion we do have day jobs however they have been built around the dogs needs and are home based – often phone meetings have been done covered in slobber in my pj’s !!!


Breeding puppies is quite possibly the best thing to do in life if you have the passion and commitment, the next best thing however, is owning at least one St Bernard... 

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