Our Yearly BBQ

After my first litter it felt very quiet and I was desperate to see all my puppies again, so I decided to have a "family" bbq, that year  we had 2 bbqs, the first 6 dogs and the 2nd we had 9 dogs attend, and I told my husband I'd do a bbq each year, at the time he laughed, but now he doesn't!!!

Every year I am totally honoured to have so many of my puppies return, a lot of the pups travel from far away and I'm really grateful for there owners in making the effort for our get together

Its awesome to see siblings meet up, and remember each other, to see the generations of dogs and people come together and just enjoy each other.

As the breeder it melts my heart to see the bonds between the dogs and their owners ( or slaves!?)

We seem to cope ok with so many dogs in the garden, a few "non" ourfairview dogs big and small , a bbq, huge cake , paddling pools, bouncy castles, and many bottles of bucks fizz :)

The bbq has also been a good place for a few people to come who have been unsure if a st bernard or newfoundland is for them and all bar One has ended up with a dog , but its ok to decide its not the breed for you, better now than 6m after you have a puppy!!!

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