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Ourfairview loves letty


( I Am Prince Harry Wielkopolski Bernadyn At Ourfairview(Imp Svk) x ourfairview thriller)



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heart: clear


Dahila was named by my good friend lisa, who helped bring her home after she was in need of returning, previously known as letty and sold as an 8 week old puppy, dahlia was raised in not the best of starts but has become almost perfect since being returned , she is a complete kissy pants and adores a fussing and ear squish! 

Dahila is a smooth coated saint, not with typical english show markings due to her missing face mask, however she is utterly perfect to us and her health tests are far more important to us , although i personally prefer a full mask i couldnt possibly rehome her after her return as she was too shy and by the time that changed we were all far too in love with her , so she stayed, her sister is delaney who we kept from the litter from mimi and harry 

dahlia was the sweetest of puppies, so squishy and full of kisses and attitude towards her brothers.... she hasnt changed much and if you dont get to her fast enough for her standard when it comes to food she will bark to hurry you along , anyone would think we had forgot to feed her many times before, which is clearly not the case. 

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