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Ourfairview darlin dewdrop


( ourfairview loves goes down x eminence on top)


Hipscore 12:11

elbows 0:0

heart clear

Darlin is a mini me to her mum drew, same look same temperament . Drew had an emergency section for  this litter and sadly the pup i first chose died, but im thrilled with darlin.


At just under 6 months currently shes already giving some of the big dogs issues, she pinches their bones, toys and gets in their way! Shes the welcome committee for all who come here alongside her tiny terror sidekick delaney.

 I really hope that darlin continues to be the
Dog i expect her to be, i hope the future holds a litter for her and diesel if he is still here with us . Im sure whatever happens shes going to be just as pretty as her mum .

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