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Ourfairview Deja Vous


(Opium Weilkopolski Bernardyn At Ourfairview (IMP POL) X Ourfairview Thriller)


DOB - 17/02/18

Hips - 5:6

Elbows - 0:0

Heart - Clear




Daze was from Mimi's litter, that I didn't actually plan to keep from, as I had planned to keep from her next litter unless there was a maskless bitch. But, as the litter grew, the pups all reminded me of a dog passed, and Daze reminded me of my first Saint Daisy.  I named them all names that had a link to previous dogs.

Daze was one of the sweetest puppies, and I planned to keep her and call her Deja... but it never felt right.  After her siblings left I decided to try the name Daze, which at first felt weird as it was Daisy's nickname, but it fitted well.  As she became a pain, it fitted perfectly - Daisy was a pain too!


Daze is quite possibly one of the most busy girls we have.  She is rarely still, I barely catch her sleeping, and she has a very fun, bouncy nature.  She utterly adores cuddles... invited or not!

I imagine after a litter she will settle, but will always be very much like Daisy, who to me, was the most perfect girl ever.

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