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Ourfairview dont look back ~Delaney

( ourfairviews thriller x i am prince harry wielkopolski bernadyn at ourfairview)



hipscore 11:10

elbows 0:0

heart clear

Delaney wasnt to stay at ourfairview but i always adored her, someone showed an interest in her and it made me feel sick i knew i had to keep her ( and id already got a name for her) mimi and harry are her parents.


 Delaneys dads pedigree is very american the litter she came from produced several puppies that didnt have standard ( for english kennel club) face markings. But still she had to stay. Even though i didnt want a rough!!!

Delaney spends her days currently following her best friend darlin or annoying the cats, normally barking at them too! She also enjoys playing in the garden with my daughter frankie, both very comical characters indeed! Both also enjoy lots of muddy games

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