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Ourfairview Get Ugly


(Opium Wielkopolski Bernardyn at Ourfairview x

Ourfairview Diesel Dynasty)

DOB - 24/10/19

Hipscore -  Currently too young

Elbows - Currently too young

Heart -  Currently too young



Derulo was an unexpected keeper.  I had planned to keep a smooth, full mask... and ended up with a fluffy, confused coated, half mask.  She has a beautiful little face, and a heart shape on her side.  She is from the Jason Derulo themed litter.

Derulo is great friends with Cesalie (my youngest daughter) and lives with Linz (our terrier).  She is yet to be let out with the 'big gang', but does come along for some feeding experiences and treats.  She currently barks a lot at the adults, and is trying to be brave.  She is growing in confidence daily and her bark is getting bigger!


We plan to health test Derulo at the end of 2020, and will decide what to do after that.  I imagine that Derulo will end up looking quite like Delaney...well I can only hope!  Delaney is one of my very favourite puppies, and Derulo instantly reminded me of her at birth.

Hopefully she won't be such a muddy pup!

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