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Ourfairviews pure awesome ~ dick


( poolsway pure delight at ourfairview x red diesel at ourfairview )

D.O.B 24-4-2015

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As much as I hate to admit it, Diesel is getting older, so the time came to keep a son... And so we have Dick!!!

Normally I keep the most splashy puppy from a litter but Dick was so like Diesel it just made sense to keep him.




Dick has his dads good looks but is already just abit bigger , he has thankfully inherited his beautiful eyes, feet and once he finishes growing a wonderful stud dog I imagine, with his mothers delightful softness.

Currently dick is enjoying the teenage dirtbag stage, which includes mud baths and eating all kinds of stuff he shouldn't on walks!


Dick will be used at stud in 2017 , assuming he agrees to the job!!! he has started to show some interest in the girls, but to be fair he is still as interested in bones, give him a bitch in season and a bne I'm not sure which way he would turn!

As dick has matured I am very glad I kept him, his eyes are stunning, he is taller than his dad and has wonderful feet , his colour is perfect for me and all over he just reminds me of a young diesel

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