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Inflagranti Od Mikija imp ~ Dotty

( ch Khedives Off The Wall x ch  Bernegarden's Oh Jazz)

Hipscore :5:7
heart clear


What can I say??? I was looking for a male smooth dog and ended up with dotty!!! a friend of mine was the stud owner of dottys litter and chose her as his pick, knowing id like her and give her a lovely home she was offered to me, and I simply couldn't say no! her pedigree excites me and her markings are beautiful , plus a short haired coat.... I'm in!


The moment she arrived ( with harry) she was only a few months old but she shot out of the van and ran, and ran and ran, we assumed she was excited to be out the van but nope.... she loves to run and play , loves to chew and play fight and be where ever she can find friends to play with

Dotty is now maturing well , her head is still a tad smaller than id like but I can see her making some lovely puppies with Marvel in the future if she passes her health tests, who knows with all that running!!!!

Dotty lives with 3 older girls (Delight Dior and Dasher) but aged 11months shes already taking charge, I can see her being a very fun pack leader and perhaps not ideal for the really mature ladies!!!

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