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Ourfairview Trollstress


(Ourfairviews Pure Awesome x

Ourfairview Laters Baby)


DOB - 09/10/18

Hips - 8:5

Elbows- 0:0

Heart - Clear .



Dumplin wasn't my first choice from the litter (sorry Dumplin!)

I had actually chosen her sister at birth, as she had a splashier coat, but I wanted smooth, and her sister, Disney, is rough.  Disneys owner had chosen Dumplin, but wanted rough, so we both happily swapped!

I took Dumplin for her health tests, and seriously thought that she would be our first failure in years... Mainly because she is a bit of a fool, but also because she loves wrestling with Opium... who is almost double her size!

Was a lovely surprise when she got great results!


We hope that the future sees a litter, or two, from Dumplin, with either Dude, or her bestie Opium.  As yet, she  is too young to decide what the future really holds for her, other that a lot more wrestling!

Dumplin really dislikes showering, and ear cleaning, so much so that she has to close her eyes to 'hide' whilst you do it.  She also doesn't particularly like the rain either.  She hasn't seen snow yet, so I wonder if she will be a St Bernard who hates that too?  Her grandad Diesel isn't very fond of it!

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