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I am often asked the same few questions so here are the top few , if you cant find what you are looking for drop me an email or give me a call




How much are Ourfairview puppies?


St Bernard’s are £2000 - the price is the same for males and females, rough smooth and all markings . all ourfairview pups are created equal ;) 


Has the puppy been vet checked?


yes! All puppies are vet checked and have a health booklet to bring home; they will have had their first jab done and come micro chipped 


Do they come with any contract?


Yes all Ourfairview puppies leave with a contract and are endorsed not for breeding or export, however I’m happy to talk about lifting endorsements after the correct health tests are done  


Can we meet mum of the pups?


Yes I will always have mum to view, most likely dad and a few family members  


What food is our puppy on?  


Your puppy will be on a complete dry food, and you will be given a large sack of this to take home they will be used to some other foods, mainly veg, chicken and eggs


Does our puppy come with anything else?


Your puppy comes with a teddy, blanket, toy, and a sack of food and life time support  


ALL puppies leave micro chipped i will change the chip into your name for you .


Are the parents health tested?

All st bernards are hipscored , most of them and certainly all the younger ones are elbow scored ( we now elbow score all and have done for a few years . 


Do your puppies live inside or out?


All puppies are born and live inside our home, they do however play in the garden if the weather is nice, all pregnant bitches also live in the house and all our dogs have the chance to spend time inside, however mainly they sleep outside


What is a blaster?


A very handy dog hair dryer, super handy thing to have! Feel free to ask to see mine, most puppies will have been blasted a few times before they leave.  They would have certainly seen and heard the blaster!


We have children so can we have a St Bernard ?


YES!!! Every child should have one!!! We have 4 children and even had a dog at the birth of our 3rd!  


Are you assured?


Yes I’m a kennel club assured breeder for St Bernards, and also council inspected with a 5 star licence.


We are unsure we want a St Bernard or Newfoundland can we come and look?


Of course!!! I’d much rather you decide you don't want one before you take one home and regret it. 


Can we bring the whole family? 


Yes, we are child friendly and everyone who lives in the house should come along, however we are not very wheelchair friendly (we have a large step at the back door and 3 at the front, however we are more than happy to help get everyone inside or can sit outside if the weather is nice)


I am disabled/ autistic/ on crutches will you let our family have a dog from you?


The loose answer is yes, however we will need to discuss this to see if any problems may need some sort of creative sorting :) but I’m sure we can work it out.

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