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Ourfairview king slayer - George 



hipscore 30

heart test normal

elbows 0;0



George was a return, through no fault of his own, but was returned just after his mum dream died a couple days after an operation to stitch an injury up


as soon as I saw him I hoped he would stay, I can see his mum in him but I can also see his grandad dexter in him.


he has until mid 2018 lived in a family home with a little boy , but had no issues settling in here, so we decided to health test him, worrying it would be terrible because he is older and been allowed a lot of off lead exercise, but his elbows came back perfect, his heart normal his sperm fantastic and his hips a respectable 30 . while above breed mean , they are even and they are good enough for me


George does need a d name, as having the same name as my husband is , well abit awkward ….. we will have to think of one


so far so good, after a month he has worked out our routine, decided he knows how to be a stud and is awaiting his chance! he loves playing , he loves running and he loves everyone.... though harry doesn't feel the love for him!!!!



He has wonderful eyes that really remind me of his grandad and a stunning plush coat, its lovely to have a return that is in perfect condition and well loved


heres to a wonderful future with George or whatever his name turns out to be. 

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