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Opium wielkopolski bernardn at ourfairview imp pol


(ch King-Baronen's Zucker x pl ch Forever Tullamore Dew Wielkopolski Bernardyn)


26th March 2016


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heart :clear


Opium joined us in 2017 as a injection of new blood, with dexter and homer dying and bobo and diesel becoming older the time was right for a younger boy to join us , having came from the same breeder as harry i was confident in my purchase of a 2nd male from Poland.


Opium was here a short while and sperm tested with great results so he was mated to mimi and produced 7 pretty perfect puppies , he quickly got the hang of stud dog duties!!!! He also learnt how to open gates so has another litter on the way !!!! His first litter left with perfect health checks from our very happy vet

Opium is very friendly with people and dogs however does insist on barking in the girls faces to wake them up when he wants to play, i cant imagine its very nice and he often finds dia disney or Delaney telling him off because of this!!!! He also is very fond of boiled eggs and the birds fat balls , he loves snow but can be seen sunbathing too !!!! Im very pleased with how he has settled

opium loves the padding pool and more so splashing with his feet by digging in it


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