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( ourfairviews Mistletoe x eminence on top )




Hipscore 11:11

heart test CLEAR

Elbows 0:1


Dia is daughter of Daphne and drake, and is rough coated. Dia was a wonderful puppy from the moment she was born, I had decided I wanted to keep back only short haired puppies for a few years, however dia caught my eye and had to stay


Dia is an utter dirtbag , she is yet to turn into a lady and I'm unsure if that will ever happen at the rate she is going! she is a large bitch and she loves to play with her bestie Detta , we have kept her to breed from but with the way she messes about and jumps around i'd be amazed if she passes her health tests, shes basically like a child who has drunk cola all day and eaten smarties!!!

Dias dad is an irish import and boasts a pretty amazing pedigree to match his health tests, Dias mother was bred by me but her sire was also imported, and carries many top American dogs names , a very interesting pedigree indeed . I look forward to watching dia mature

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