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I bet she eats a lot!!!!

What is Disney eating at the moment? that seems to be the question , shes currently 2 weeks post puppies and has a family of 8 st Bernard babies this is her meal plan, of course it all changes if Disney says no to something but its unlikely she would turn her nose up at much about now, she still has raw carrots and bones as she pleases .......

Disneys main food is dry puppy food, I'm currently mixing royal canin and proplan puppy food ( slightly moist) . I'm mixing simply because that's what she wants . she's on puppy food instead of adult as she's feeding her puppies and will remain on puppy food for some weeks after she has weaned, so that she has been build back up again.

With each bowl of food she is having a natures diet puppy/junior tray , I use this when weaning puppies ,so I always find feeding mum the same makes sense. As St Bernard's are prone to bloat I wouldn't suggest mixing raw food in with dry food as they expand and digest at different times . If you plan to feed raw and a dry food do so at different meal times.

On top of her daily food portions ( 4 meals a day ) she is also having a tablespoon of raw organic virgin coconut oil , Disney has lost a lot of hair after these puppies more than most mums do , coconut oil will help with this, it will also help by Improving digestion and nutrient absorption, which is super handy for a mum feeding , it also helps any infections and boosts energy - any new mum needs this!!! coconut oil is also a natural disinfectant and antibacterial which can never hurt after giving birth and with new puppies around ( its also great for cooking with , and fab for hotspots or cuts and grazes- human or dogs!)

I'm also adding a dog multivitamin powder, like humans have pregnancy and breastfeeding vitamins dogs need the same, especially st Bernard's whose puppies grow at such a rate and mum can often despite best efforts looks pretty awful after , even worse this normally happens around the same time as puppy viewings start, first impressions normally include an apology and explanation that the mum will look better once weaned / when puppies are collected !!!!

pumpkin seeds are included in every Ourfairview dogs diet as they are a natural wormer , Disney is having hers daily , a table spoon a day keeps the worms away, we have also spent quite abit of money on stool samples to get the right balance, and will be sending off puppy stool samples too.

Gelatin and puppy milk , some breeders give a sprinkle of gelatin as powder some mix it with water, I mix it with a cup of puppy milk, I just think it maybe tastier and will have the added puppy milk benefits , this is the first litter I am trying this on , I'm always learning but it seems to make sense to me to add raw organic grass fed beef gelatin to a bitches diet when feeding puppies, ill certainly be making the gang some treats with this too .The main ingredient in gelatin is collagen, a protein found in tissues, ligaments, tendons, bones and skin which a dog would consume when eating its prey . Glycine, the main amino acid in gelatin, is also said to protect against seizures and brain damage . so its worth a try!

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