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Not all sunshine and rainbows

At the bottom of this is a very horrible disturbing photo be warned .

Sometimes we get bad luck, really, really bad luck and then you get these odd moments when the good things that come from those bad times shine through!!!

Here is Humphrey and Devon ( rhymes with heaven lol) they are my 2 rainbows following a hideous storm that is described below


These two puppies have done perfectly well, have never missed a beat and have helped heal my heart. They have had several vet checks and a blood test and swab as new-born puppies .

It needs to be made clear to those wanting to breed that it isn't always sunshine and puppy cuddles , sometimes even when everything seems great a hideous thing can follow . I was faced with a dead litter and some pretty poor decisions as you'll read below when I updated my ourfairview Facebook group

Written July the 10th 2017

sooooo its been a hard few days ,

Dynasty was due a litter around now but had no milk, no issues i can hand rear or i can use dream.... simples

on Thursday dynasty lost a lot of brown/ black gunk which can only mean something bad has happened

off we went for an emergency section, to be told her cervix was shut and it was her plug - ok i can accept that even though I've never had a brown plug come away

Friday more fluid come, black and brown and so it was section time, sadly for a dead litter we feared, however now dynasty was at risk of bleeding ( sectioning is always a risk ) and the vets decided as she was dilating to leave her to deliver dead puppies naturally was safer for her


( I mentally prepared myself)

more fluid arrived, and dilation was slow due to low oxytocin ( also why she has no milk)

Saturday she lost big gushes of water and I went for a 2nd opinion, again to be told as she's got dead puppies if they sectioned her and some escaped into her body she would die, so as her water sacks were now broken, puppy soup ( dead chunks of broken down puppies) would follow

and they did.

firstly dynasty didn't seem at all sad, how great

I caught a puppy who’s skin fell off, The smell was rotten dead meat, I took photos and swabs and wrapped the puppy up as it was falling apart

I helped her get a puppy out but when i pulled the back legs fell off, as that puppy was born its skin stayed inside and slithered out after ..... i was grateful it was all accounted for and I didn't have to piece a dead puppy body together , to be sure it was all out

PUPPY NUMBER 3 came out in his sack, alive and perfect , I actually said out loud " oh my fucking god your alive" his clever little sack had kept him safe, he hasn't missed a beat, he is feeding perfectly from dream and is quite possibly the best marked puppy I've had , he's a male what a bummer!!!

puppy 4 came out in various chunks, I played puzzle with a dead puppy , words cant describe how that feels, while your eyes are streaming and your gagging

puppy 5 was born in her sack alive and well, again feeding well from dream

I'm amazed after 3 vets at 2 different places told me that they would all be dead we have 2 puppies that appear healthy

the thought is one horn / side of puppies got an infection as they started to die, the oxytocin reduced and dynasty has no milk because of this

dynasty had several shots of oxytocin to help her deliver and a large shot after to make her contract and clear out, she is on antibiotics ( has been since Thursday) and has never had a temperature - isn't the body clever .

it has been the worst whelp I've done in a long time, both physically and mentally , the kids , dynasty and i are shattered, dream is however over the moon!!!!

now to get caught up.......

( the puppy bitch I will certainly be keeping, the male I wont, he is in my opinion stunning ill forever be pissed he is a boy, I wont be reserving him for anyone until the swabs are sorted and i know what's happening , however both are doing fab)

****** this is the least bad photo I have of the puppies ********

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