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My Poor dick had a busy month!

Over the last few weeks we have heard or told every dick joke going, why? because Dick has been poorly and we've had to keep it comical at the same time ..... he is, completely back to normal but here's what he has been up to.

Dick had a lump, it looked egg sized , I called the vets they were rammed ( good vets often are I suppose) so we agreed he could wait until tomorrow , id sleep with him incase he had breathing issues as it was on his neck area and previously seen Deedee's face do the same until she couldn't breathe from an abscess. Dicks face grew....

we took him to his appointment, poked him with a couple of needles and took away antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds. They didn't help . So the next step was to pop a drain in , this was to be done under sedation however dick was still able to move , so under general anaesthetic the drain was popped in......

tah dah!!!!

the drain stayed in for a few days, we had some blood and mess come out but honestly not a lot, it was very awkward keeping him clean and even worse the cone collected slobber and he would "dip" it in water drinking then mud..... we spent hours cleaning the cone and him down, thank god for the dog shower room!

We took dick back to have the drain pulled out, I gently held him and it was out, what a hole!!!! we had a chat and with such a hole in such a place and still so much swelling decided the whole area would need to be removed as even if it went down he would be left with a huge amount of loose skin which would cause its own issues

so off he went a few days later to have the area removed ( I asked for photos as I love bloody and mess)

the lump was removed, you can see it was still solid and wouldn't have gone down alone, you can also see the drain hole<