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guest blog- a story of two princesses

A Story of Two Princesses

Once upon a time there were two princesses, Millie and Molly, both of whom had been badly treated in their younger lives. Millie and Molly both lived in different parts of the country and were unaware of each others plight.

Millie had been locked in a windowless stable by the wicked witch who masqueraded as a dog breeder and Molly was hidden away in a farm and used from a young age to provide babies for the wild Welsh wizard to sell.

A knight in shining armour heard about Millie and rescued her from the stable. With a lot of time, care and nursing he healed the wounds on Millie’s legs, which had been caused by scratching at the walls to escape, and calmed her nerves and helped her to become the placid and friendly individual she should always have been.

As for Molly she was rescued by the lady of the manor who gave her love and affection and helped her to begin healing from a terrible skin disease.

For a number of reasons neither of these young ladies could stay with their rescuers and by coincidence or fate they both ended up living in a laird’s meadow in Scotland. The meadow and house was owned by a family with two sons and Millie and Molly decided to adopt them as servants to look after them in the way they felt princesses should be looked after for the rest of their lives.

Things eventually settled down and the princesses managed to train the family to do their bidding. The princesses became so accustomed to their new way of life that they designed a series of codes should the family not respond quickly enough.

If they are playing in the garden and want back into the house Molly will knock once on the patio doors to inform the family to open the door. If the family don’t respond immediately a more strident double knock is given and if this is ignored an extremely solid, indignant and not to be ignored three knocks are given, and nobody ignores this as the whole house shakes.

When they are out riding in their carriage and their chauffeur has to sometimes leave them for a few minutes this is acceptable. However, if they are left for any longer then Millie climbs into the chauffeur’s seat and sounds the horn repeatedly until he returns.

Having learned these and other signals the family now all know their place and continue to serve Millie and Molly faithfully.

The happy ever after part.

Millie and Molly continue to live the high life in the laird’s meadow, served by the Spence family and blissfully unaware of the fact that they are actually St. Bernards and not real princesses.

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