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look up, here i am on cloud 9 ;)

Im still sat here, on a cloud, that is numbered 9!

That also happens to be how old diesel is for the next 32 days , then of course , he will be TEN!

my favourite boy at the front aged 10months

Yes 10, and apart from a foot issue in the last year ( which was dealt with so perfectly by rob at a lot of honey was involved) he has been perfectly perfect in every way

Now sadly I can see his age is creeping up on him, in the mornings he doesn’t hear me until im downstairs ( if he is sleeping on the no dog sofa , which he often does, he gets caught , but obviously I don’t see that!) if he is sleeping in his bed, he seems a little stiff when he gets up , front not back, back seems fine

So I popped him along to see a vet, I felt sick, my tummy was a mess and I could have cried at the drop of a feather, especially as Delaney is also poorly ( that’s another story when it finally has an ending)

I decided that we should run some blood tests, because im pretty sure we are heading for some kind of pain relief for old man issues. Then the questions started !!!! but why! Why do that? Well why not?