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guest blog - a blast from the past

below is tracys guest blog post, she has 2 ourfairvew dogs and is very much part of the family , we accept all weirdos and nutters


A blaster is basically a large hairdryer for dogs. They’re an absolute godsend and a must for all big hairy slobbery beasts. I have’s pink...i hate is for girls...but it’s still a godsend. They’re great for drying the dogs off after bathing or swimming or if the arseholes have spent the last two hours laying outside in the rain. They’re great for getting rid off the dead hair tufts that are hanging on for dear life and making your dog look homeless or for de-dusting a dog (Ekko gets dustier than an antique lamp). My son uses ours to dust his PC, i use it for behind the radiators and getting dog hair out of all the places it shouldn’t be, usually the fridge!? They range in size and power and price. We paid about £60 from amazon for ours and it’s still going strong. Be warned DON’T USE IT INDOORS!!! The hair goes everywhere as do most of the ornaments, i tried it on myself first, this was a mistake, it’s a bit like sticking your head out of the car window while going down the motorway. Anyway i defo recommend them and i was asked to do a little video review so feel free to watch it. We’ve all had a good laugh over it lol

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