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not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 but 5 star

I Have been a licenced breeder since 2014 and a kennel club assured breeder since 2008 .

October last year a star rating was introduced , and we were lucky enough to be rated 5 star

Heres what the kennel club say about the ratings :

Star rating

The new regulations also include a star rating system. The new star rating system has been designed to both reward high performing breeding establishments and to give further help to the puppy buying public in identifying good breeders.

Licenced breeders will receive a star rating from one to five stars. Those with a five star rating will receive a three year licence, pay a lower fee and will be inspected less frequently. Those at the other end of the spectrum will only receive a one year licence and will pay a higher licence fee and will be inspected with greater frequency. The star rating that is awarded will be based on two factors: the welfare standards against which the breeder is operating (i.e. whether the breeder makes use of health tests etc), and their risk rating which is based on whether the breeder has a history of meeting these standards.

Breeders operating to higher welfare standards and who have a history of maintaining these standards should receive a higher star rating, whilst those who are operating to the minimum standards and have no compliance history should be awarded a two star rating. A one star rating will be awarded to breeders who have minor failings.

We had our inspection and handed in all our paperwork, did a meet and walk around and the inspector and her inspector friend had some fabulous points, the system itself doesn’t make perfect sense to them nor me and we debated a few things that we all felt needed improvement, but the just of it is heading in the right direction

Im personally not completely sure id feel happy being classed as high risk simply for being new, especially when breeders are being urged to have a licence, t o then be told they are high risk regardless – this is what the guidelines say :