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i want a proper faced one!!!!

As yet , i have never sold a saint without a full face, or a full body for that matter

however with Mimi just having a lovely litter of 10 with varying face markings its certainly caused some strange comments, mainly i want a proper one or i want a white one, with i want a snow one coming up too!!!!

so lets try and work out who is who or supposedly who has a proper face or not........

its really not a problem to say what you want without trying to be tactful, its only personal preference

here is baby delaney , as a puppy and when she is a year old, she has not real mask , i guess she has what i would call eyeliner

here is mimi she has a very wide blaze indeed ( the white between her eyes )

here is baby belle, she is completely maskless , or what i think people call a snow pup! while most would refer to her as a mismark , i wont, she is, however i feel its slightly detracts or puts her down, she is just as beautiful and certainly just as healthy, here in england you would rarely see a white faced saint in a show because the face markings are not to english standard ( often these puppies come from litters where there are some imports in the pedigree as other countries dont bother so much with hair colour)

below is a half mask, exactly what you think, half the " traditional " markings a saint often has , he was placed first but the lack of markings was still mentioned "

1)OURFAIRVIEW SNOW ONE – an upstanding dog with excellent length to foreleg , general proportions good, decent head but uneven face markings , in super coat and condition and gave a good account of himself .

This is known as a lilliput saint, a large amount of black on one side, it seems no one i know , has any idea why they are named this!!!!

the " traditional" or " full masked" st bernard , now this can vary quite some amount, wider or thinner blaze ( white) bigger or smaller black, and uneven black too , freckles are also a feature some have and others dont, puppies with freckles arent born with them, they develop over time , all 3 of the below dogs are full masked and lovely, but definately a varying degree of full masked

" i want a plain one" is another common thing im asked for.... this is normally called blanket backed and means you want a puppy with less to no white over his back coat

heres barney ( ourfairview breaking dawn)

and here are a couple of the " spash" coated saint bernards it simply means more white on the coat

and yes " longhair" and rough are the same , as is shorthaired or smooth - shorthair is sat at the back, longhair at the front

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