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Ourfairview puppies go to school

If you know me, youll know 2 things about me , I don’t go out often and I don’t like it too people-y!!!!

You may have heard me say many times, never deal with kids and dogs – mainly when dealing with my crazy kids and dogs !!!!

So when I got a phone call from Debbie at wayland school asking if id take some puppies in to boost the staffs day and to meet the class known as foundation learning I should have said no, and I said yes , sure!!!! The plan was the puppies would spend lunchtime in the staff room and the afternoon with the children , and id give a talk on saints/ puppies/ dog care and about me

So off we went in the rain to the school, Debbie kindly met me at the door and we popped a pen up for the puppies to have their own space , it didn’t take more than 5 seconds for the children passing reception to ooooo and arrrrrr at them and want a stroke.

We landed in the staff room ( somewhere I may or may not have been as a naughty teenager to be utterly shouted at ) and the trickle of staff started, followed by too many to count selfies , people pretending to their wives that they had bought a puppy etc , the head teacher was ambushed into a “ school puppy” speech a fair bit, and one teacher was incredibly afraid, even of the little puppies, which I found sad, I wonder why …….

The puppies all enjoyed every single cuddle and we handled with 100% care and love . I chatted with several people who I just know I could get along with.

Lunch soon ended and it was time to take a short trip over to debbies office ready to meet Mrs Howes’s class – foundation learning. I was told these children were all of mixed abilities and all were very excited , and that was certainly the case, suddenly the puppies were in the room and the noise squeaks squeals and adorable sounds were flowing from the children!!!! Obviously that must have been the reason I said yes because my heart just melted , I remembered all the children id visited with diesel as a therapy dog when he was younger, all the happy older people we had met in nursing homes, and of course all the happy faces when puppies leave for there new adventures ….

Some of the children dived in, maybe waiting to see if that was ok, the 2nd wave of children soon followed, before I knew it an adorable blonde young lady was sat gently rocking mr light pink, a couple of other puppies were being played with and Mrs Howes was cuddling a puppy, the semi-formal speech I had kind of planned just in case, was a distant memory .

I sat opposite a young man, taller than me ( no surprise there though) who just watched and I could see his mind utterly racing , I know that look ive seen it before , so I tried to stay aware that I was a stranger and asked across the room if he had any questions….. and so it began , this young man told me his name was bailey, he told me about his dog who had sadly died ( a brown boxer we think) and suddenly I felt it was ok to move closer to him, I sat next to him and the questions began flowing, I mean flowing!!!! He asked such intelligent questions it completely blew me away, he had researched the breed and was a blooming genius , we spoke about dogs, pedigrees , breeding and still he had not touched a dog, multiple times I reassured him the puppies were ok and they would not hurt him that saints were very gentle and I had young children who they played with all the time, eventually he admitted he wanted to hold a puppy but didn’t, because they were utterly gross and standing in there own urine on a pad. So we came to the ideal solution , a clean puppy pad on his lap id place the puppy down and he would tell me if that’s ok….. and that’s what happened he sat and held mr yellow for a good few minutes while we decided who would win certain battles between animals. Bailey declared mr yellows time was up and so I instantly removed him to the floor

The look on his face was worth sooooo much!!!!

Ashley and Mackenzie also both asked some fab questions and were awesome at handling the puppies, its also their photography skills you can see on this post , they clearly give good cuddles!!!

All the students were friendly , polite and so well behaved , their was a huge amount of really well thought out questions, some of which even serious buyers rarely ask!!!!

As we began to wind down and get the puppies ready to go, because we wanted to nip out before the whole school was on the loose , Bailey declared that he supposes he should hold a puppy properly ( no puppy pad included!!!!) and that he would wash his hands straight after ….. we chose mr purple as bailey hadn’t seen him wee and walk in it,

As we left the classroom , bailey rushed past straight to wash his hands then said good bye again , and that it was lovely to meet us- his mum should be proud .

I received a thankyou card from the school , and really I think I owe them one. The children completely and utterly stole my heart, I will forever wonder what life has in store for them and I hope they find the perfect fit, maybe working with dogs …. Who knows , shame they aren’t closer because a “ puppy cuddler” is certainly a serious job here at Ourfairview

If you blinked you would have missed it, but here they are…… 2 beautiful young men

Bailey and mr purple x

Thankyou wayland school for a completely wonderful afternoon

Cheri x

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