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falling apart .... a doom and gloom dying post ....sorry

Abit of a doom and gloom one really, but for a reason and done out of love.

Diesel was poorly just before Christmas, I thought he would die, I pride myself on not crying very often but I ugly cried in the vets, in the car and at home ( separate story for that one) I cried when he came home having spent a night in hospital.

Inevitably Diesel now 10, is dying, not only because he is 10 but because we all are!

I wanted to share that daily, I dread him dying, I dread them all dying, Destiny does her “ im going to die” routine almost monthly now , and well just last month perfectly healthy bobo died of bloat .

Dying is normal and it will happen to your dog, at some point, hopefully far far away.

I have started to think about life after diesel and putting it bluntly I can’t. NOPE

So I have also been looking at ways I will have him with me for ever

Did you know you can get tattoos made from ashes in the ink? That’s certainly not for me, feels odd but ive certainly given thought to having diesels paw print tattooed on my foot so we can “walk” together forever, I would use one of these cheap ink pads to get his print and off ill go to the tattooist.

The other thing I have, which I have done for all of my dogs when they get older. Other than Dexter who George kindly drove to be done after he died on the way to cremating him as he died younger than expected, is a paw print cast. I just think these are beautiful.

When daisy died I kept a clipping of her hair in a jiffy bag, but they make some amazing necklaces that hold things in , and certainly if you’re a necklace kind of person this makes sense , I am , but I have my nannas wedding ring on a necklace and quite frankly would end up like mr T if I had a necklace per dog!

However, you can get small glass earrings made from ashes , and that is more up some peoples alley!

Death sometimes hits us unexpectedly, so at the worst im sure your vets can get a hair clipping and a paw print made even if only on paper

The lead around a tree pot, or collar around a plant pot is also a really nice idea ( part of daisy’s ashes are in the urn in my garden which grows beautiful flowers just Intime for the BBQ every august , I always think of her turning up for the BBQ, after all ,she started it)

I have some beautiful canvas’s in the loft too

And of course my favourite thing is to buy a star , sadly I own too many stars, it feels nice in a weird way but I like to have something noted and official to remember each one by, almost like a death certificate and a headstone, the star certificate and plaque. Here is Ambers star, she was taken far too young on the very same day dexter died

I don’t really know what the point of this blog is, maybe to tell you im sad diesel and destiny are old, maybe to warn you when they die I may do something stupid like tattoo diesels paw on my forehead ( please stop me) maybe just because a friends Labrador died last week and today she text to say she has “nothing” like I do for mine ( obviously her star hasn’t been delivered yet that I sent) so I gave her a couple ideas, she can certainly do the plant pot, she can russle up some fur from the bed shes yet to remove and the brushes sat in a storage tub I know she has. Don’t be caught out. Even with death. If theres a way to get some teeny tiny way of comfort, get it done now. Because when the time comes youll be too busy falling apart.

I can already feel myself falling

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