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falling apart .... a doom and gloom dying post ....sorry

Abit of a doom and gloom one really, but for a reason and done out of love.

Diesel was poorly just before Christmas, I thought he would die, I pride myself on not crying very often but I ugly cried in the vets, in the car and at home ( separate story for that one) I cried when he came home having spent a night in hospital.

Inevitably Diesel now 10, is dying, not only because he is 10 but because we all are!

I wanted to share that daily, I dread him dying, I dread them all dying, Destiny does her “ im going to die” routine almost monthly now , and well just last month perfectly healthy bobo died of bloat .

Dying is normal and it will happen to your dog, at some point, hopefully far far away.

I have started to think about life after diesel and putting it bluntly I can’t. NOPE

So I have also been looking at ways I will have him with me for ever

Did you know you can get tattoos made from ashes in the ink? That’s certainly not for me, feels odd but ive certainly given thought to having diesels paw print tattooed on my foot so we can “walk” together forever, I would use one of these cheap ink pads to get his print and off ill go to the tattooist.

The other thing I have, which I have done