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I always enjoyed grooming my pack.

I have been fortunate, that most of them seem to love it as much as I do.

It’s a special time to bond and really get to know your pup.

I always had a wry smile when we visited Cheri and she ‘said hello’ to Holly and Blue.

She would have a good old feel and inspection – very subtly, but I knew she was making sure the girls were healthy and in good condition.

A few weeks ago Holly was finishing her season and as usual, all had gone uneventfully. The usual attempts to hump Mia (the dachshund), a few skipped meals and the odd upset tummy.

No big deal.

She was at the very end of the cycle and we were having a groom, bit of clean and tidy up of her lady garden.

I am, for those that don’t know, a slightly odd and obsessive owner.

I am always checking over the girls and making sure all is as it should be.

I noticed the smallest spot of mucus just showing in Hollys vulva.

Unusually it wasn’t the normal season or lady stuff I had seen before.

This was yellow/green and very bright.

Now to be honest, it really was very small, a quick wipe and looked good. There was no other signs at all there was something wrong.

Holly was eating, drinking and going to loo normally.

She was her usual stupid, bouncy self.

I have in the past been known to call the vet or Cheri for the smallest and silliest things – trust me, I mean really daft.

I told Mr Y and said I wasn’t happy about it, so he had a quick scoot through the internet and we decided to call the emergency vet.

I told them what I had found and they asked a series of questions.

The following morning we took her in for a check and an hour later Holly was on the operating table.

She was in the early stages of Pyometra.

Now, I had heard of Pyometra and Cheri has posted about it. I knew it wasn’t good.

The Vet told me Pyometra surgery can be very risky and complicated.

Luckily for me, my Vet knows me and knows how I feel about my dogs, so when I told her she had better bring her f**king A game….. she didn’t flinch. (Note to self; must try not to threaten the Vet again).

Holly did well through surgery and has made an amazing recovery.