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summer has reached ourfairview st bernards

well its official summer has reached Ourfairview !!!

I'm outside with the saint bernards and newfoundlands , it ultra hot while everyone is at the beach I'm home.... feeding puppies and keeping everyone cool! I think it would be a disaster to leave , I wouldn't be at all surprised to see later that dogs have died in cars or just from being walked at hot times...... my own daughter burnt her feet this morning on our steps, theres bound to be some burnt dog paws in England today......

by 12 noon I had used over 60 buckets of water , either for drinking, for filling up a pool or for simply

throwing over the dogs, the dogs grooming room had a que, of dogs wanting to get in for a cold shower

, which ended in finding out that 6 dogs can fit, 7 8 and 9 really is too many!!!!

we use ridged pools from amazon, and the dogs love them, even if they bend them they soon get back into shape , we also have a 200m hose which has been on most of the day !!!! the pools can fit 2 or 3 dogs in dependant on how friendly they are or if dave is laying like a star fish!!!!!

Dia has found her own, water mud water mud routine, no one wants to share her pool I'm not sure if shes super clever or just a dirtbag!!!!

The 9 week old pups we have are enjoying themselves, they have new toys that have been hosed down, thepups have been hosed down, and have frozen carrots to chew on, they aren't quite ready for a pool yet, I worry they may drown, very unlikely but that's not worth the risk..... we use a drip tray or a kids play tray which can be easily found on amazon or ebay, it washes easy and is only about an inch deep, it does the job of allowing the pups to lay in water if they wish but doesn't make me worry quite so much, most just tend to drink from it or paddle , ive yet to see anyone actually settle laid down in one

Bellas 1 week old pups have been moved to a bigger area to be able to spread out if wanted and certainly don't need a heat lamp , bella has been laid on the tiled floor relaxing between feeds

Here at ourfairview we do not shave our dogs for the summer nor do we cover them with towels or such, we do have plenty of water and shade, and have ice packs in the freezer should someone become too hot they would be hosed down and ice packs placed on there tummy, paws and armpits ( watch out for freezer burn)

Click here to view my current litter if you would like to offer one of the pups above a home :)

stay safe everyone :)

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