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miss delight by name and nature!

Poolsway pure delight at ourfairview

06/09/2010 to 14/10/17

Beautiful young miss “mary” was gifted to me in 2011 having reared a litter born by section and the mother died .

When she arrived mary was renamed delight , and she lived up to her name .

She was until the end a very very sweet and shy girl, she liked her privacy when she weed and heaven forbid she got caught pooping……

In 2013 bobo (the gay picky stud dog) decided delight was rather delightful and mated her , she produced us 5 bouncing boys on the 1st of april , when George came down and asked “ all done” as he jokingly does every time he takes over puppy watch ( he still does now ) , I said yes and he didn’t believe me because it was april fools day!

Those boys were lush but I wanted a girl !!!!! bummer!

She then had a litter with diesel and what amazing pups they were so she had a further 14 with him the following year where she retired following a long hard labour

Sneeky new boy harry got in with her and she produced 3 babies all perfect!

Delight was a very happy girl, friendly and pretty , she was great with the children and loved puppies , she didn’t care who they belonged too!!!!

Her favorite time of year was Easter as she would really enjoy the Easter egg hunts and a tiny bit of chocolate at the end .

Towards the end, she remained very happy but we knew she had cancer and we knew chopping off her leg wasn’t right for her

We decided on the Friday to have her put to sleep Monday as she was struggling to move, and I couldn’t bare the thought of her wetting herself- I couldn’t care less but she would have been mortified

Saturday morning she barked , so I helped her up and she weed and laid on the grass for a while, I went to help her back in but it was rather sunny and she was belly up sunning herself, she acknowledged me sat beside her and shuffled her head to my knee ……

A few minutes later she took that recognizable last breath, I feel she waited for me, im so glad she did it herself and we didn’t have to do it for her ( though of course we were, even though the Monday was my daughter’s birthday)

She was more person than dog in her personality, and so so very gentle, like a loving cuddly nanna !

We have Disney, dynasty and dick her children, and also Devon her grandchild from dynasty and dophie her grandchild from dick , never the same, but she’s very visible in dynasty and dick

Bless her little heart

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