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Red diesel at ourfairview

Everyone thinks their dog is special , every dog is special , and everyone is right .

But then there is Diesel , and well he beats them all 😉 I have plenty of dogs, and I love them all but diesel is well diesel

We bought diesel at 5 weeks old and collected him the day we could at 7 ish weeks old, he was tiny with eyes that looked right into you, that you could look into and fall in love, he came with a tin of pedigree chum and his kc papers and that’s it! I was thrilled

Diesel was a constant friend for destiny our home bred puppy when her litter mates left, he was also our very first male to be mated to destiny if he was ok health wise

Diesel was shown from 6 months old, won several classes, several best puppy in breed and came 2nd at crufts and has been a wonderful stud dog over the years

But now he is nearing 9 and I cant help but look back on all the things my “ son “ or “sunshine” or “diesel boy” has done

He has impregnanted bitches I didn’t want pregnant, he has laid with just about every poorly dog, he has watched his own puppies born and cleaned them up- with doras permission ( the only male ever to do this)

He watched over dora after she died while we waited for the undertakers, and wailed for a week in such a sad sound.

He sings love songs to every single bitch in season

He has created his very own diesel tunnels into areas he isn’t allowed – we know of course

He has shared Christmas dinner every year with a cracker hat

He has produced lots of stunning puppies

He has sat by my side while I pushed out a baby

He has visited dyeing people as a therapy dog

He has been attacked several times because hes an easy target

He has saved at least 3 dogs lives donating blood

He has alerted me to intruders , and made his way passed dexter to do so

He has helped people get over their fear of dogs

He has done a poo in the middle of a dog show while in the ring

He has protected my babies even though he doesn’t like babies really

He is a st Bernard that hates snow

He has escaped and tried to mate a neighbor’s in season jack Russel

He has made just about every single person who has met him fall in love with him

I don’t know what it is about him, but its something special , and while he is old grey and

happy I wanted to share this , rather than once he has gone, which I regularly think about.

Red diesel at ourfairview – what a dog!!!!!

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