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Ourfairviews love goes down - get it???

On the 4th of april 2013 daphne gave me a gift of 10 puppies, each was perfect , every delivery perfect and she was a perfect mum

I had 2 litters to choose what id like to keep from and Id already chosen her at birth, she arrived head first, I assumed that was the head of a big fat boy, her splashy body followed and she was annoyed and moaning, I flipped her saw she was a girl and instantly knew. That’s my pup

newborn squishy drew

Here I had the most perfect . to me. Puppy , a daisy grand daughter with my ideal markings from great parents , thrilling!!!!

She needed a name, and we settled on Drew, the surname of my current music crush ben drew, aka plan b, we named all the puppies kc names after his songs drew was named after my favorite song


What a pretty puppy she was, she grew some head like her daddy but she remained feminine

She had great health tests and eventually she had a litter

When I sat waiting for her puppies to arrive in the living room dimly lit , I noticed something spooky, sad, happy and warming, her outline was like looking at her nanna daisy, and I often saw it in her- though to look at her she was nothing alike, it was still a lovely comfort