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Cydnie saves the day

ON Thursday the 1st of march it was a “ snow day” for the children, thankfully!!!

Dotty was in labor Wednesday night when I went to bed 4am Thursday morning I expected a nap but to be woken by my husband that things were starting ( this stage can be an hour or 24hours)

I woke at 9am naturally and was surprised and a tiny bit disappointed but at least I was caught up with sleep

12 noon I asked hazel to take dotty out for a wee but watch her very carefully as she rushes into bushes and we cant get her out very easy

Dotty was less than 6ft from hazel when she went through a fence hole ( blue peter badge at the ready as it was clearly made when we were not on puppy watch)

So what she had done was fit through a hole and was sat maybe 5 meters between our 2 sets of fences – escape fencing , hence two sets , but she had weaved herself through conifers to get where she was and she was furiously digging, hazel shouted for help and I went running, in my slippers and summer dress into a snow storm ( the house is super warm )

Hazel ran out our garden and round the other side of the fencing , I spoke softly to dotty and asked her to come nothing!!!!, I shouted at dotty nothing !!!! and panic set in, we were going to need a chain saw as no way id fit my hips between the trees, and id need to get to her fast, she wasn’t coming out

cydnie and daisy many moons ago

Cydnie, my daughter aged 10 , has grown up with the dogs obviously , and came running out with towels and my welly boots – dog emergency procedure is to bring towels and alert the other adult if needed , the boots were a bonus as I was now feeling pretty sore and cold

sneeky photo with a puppy on mums wedding day!

Cydnie thought nothing of being thrown over a 6 foot security fence, and crawling between trees to get to dotty , once there she was to pull dotty out by her collar , that was NOT happening , dotty was pulling back as cydnie ( whos a tiny thing and certainly not near as dotty ) pulled