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crufts 2018 , rewritten tamed version of my thoughts .....

Crufts 2018 trip!!!!

Once again we managed to find enough childcare dog care and puppy sitters to nip off to crufts , with bright eyes and bushy tails we came down from our hotel for the short walk to enter crufts , cups of tea in hand for our dear friend ali and her husband who were showing their beautiful ourfairview boy

Norbs had a fab time in the show ring and certain wasn’t fazed that crufts was only his 2nd ever show

Unfortunately he wasn’t placed but he did look immature compared to some of the others and that’s ok he has time on his side- some of the other dogs were older and one almost had the judges hand off, you wont find an ourfairview dog doing that , well done to ali and ste and of course norbs for being awesome

Its no secret im not on the crufts judges Christmas card list, and shes not on mine, however I felt her judging was fair, she gave everyone their time and she certainly looked like she was debating hard of the top placings – from outside the ring we could all feel her dilemma

The st Bernard best of breed “ jack” I believe became a uk champion at crufts and also won best of breed for the 2nd year running, while I don’t feel he didn’t deserve his place I do feel a tiny bit sad the same dog won 2 years in a row and nothing new or better was presented …….

I saw some very nice , and some not so nice dogs being shown for st bernards , one dog had a clear popping hock and that’s a real shame, this was I believe pointed out last year by many people.

Some Dogs have once again become bigger and with that the eyes are bad, and some of the dogs shown were so bad they were almost scruffed to be able to find their eyes under the extra skin, that to me, is a real sadness, and if I were judging id have completely discounted the dog whose face I had to physically move to find its eyes………… I imagine its sad for a judge to do that …. I imagine its worse for a dog to live like that