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OOOOOO you little faker you !!!!!

We mated domina 4 times to dick, decent matings, and then the wait ….. domina like her mum dream becomes abit of a pain when pregnant so we were very shocked that when it came to scanning her, she wasn’t pregnant…..

A week later, I was sure she was pregnant so rescanned her and saw 3 puppies, I knew it!!!!

Pregnancy was normal, but the due date came, and went and no signs appeared that these puppies were on their way, most people have a cut off, we have a longer cut off than most as I have a scanner and will just scan 2/3times a day and see whats going on with heart beats and decide from there

A week ( which feels like a month when on puppy watch) after her due date finally we had action and labour started a couple days later , the first puppy was nose first and I could see black , not surprising as over due puppies are often born with black noses ( if on time often they are still pink and turn black over the next few days)

Then a black face appeared, followed by a black body …… and ive never been so confused!!!! Obviously, I wondered how this could happen, and after a while it all clicked .

At first we wondered if we had a double sired litter, but all puppies arrived black

From here came the onslaught of every black joke, every cheating joke and the very over repeated to domina “ once you go black”…………….. from just about everyone I knew, who thought it was utterly hilarious, it took me a few days to settle with “ well its too late now they cant be sent back” attitude!!!!

Needless to say they received the same love care and attention any puppy receives here ( even if it was with mumbles under my breath a few times aimed at dante, who cant really be blamed , he is a stud dog, he did his job, it is my fault and my fault alone! )

Domina was not a week late she was on time perfectly, we had mated her to dick , and then she lived with diva and doris , diva and doris were mated a week later , we would collect dave and dante , mate dante with diva, then pop dante and diva away with domina, mate doris and dave then walk dave and dante back together

During dantes first matings with diva ( which resulted in a lovely litter) I would have to lift dante onto diva as he was too shy, he would mate her perfectly once I lifted him ( which really hurt my back)

Dante clearly must have mated diva, then almost instantly mated domina, who he obviously could jump up on, himself!!!!

So at least a week after dicks matings and loss of interest , dante must have had enough skill to decide to mate domina …..

That’s why my first scan showed nothing, because I was scanning for dicks matings, not dantes over a week later! That’s why the puppies were born later than expected because I was expecting them following dicks matings still………..

I swore, I shouted, I giggled and I did everything in between, I was upset I was angry but here I was, with 4 black and white saint x newfoundland puppies . I don’t like the names they can often be called like bernewfie or saintfoundland , they are not a breed they are ultimately a cross breed accident, it seems harsh but im here breeding healthy saints and newfoundlands , separately (well trying separately) and feel neither breed needs to be crossed with the other ……. But man they are super cute!!!!!!

I missed keeping back my domina baby, I had to tell several owners they were not getting their long awaited saint puppy

Since then , the puppies who became affectionally known as the “ fakers” as they look like newfoundland’s and as I had divas litter of “ real “ newfoundlands , they all have homes , all homes knew they would get something inbetween a saint and newf, having left looking really like newfoundlands, you can now see a very clear saint Bernard face on most of them .

The owners are each fantastic, and each love their faker very much , which is all I ever want for any puppy , a loving home . simples

We have since made a new space which is a newfoundland only zone in the hopes this doesn’t happen again, mistakes do happen, and I know this only too well, but we certainly would rather it didn’t, it ruined my plans to have a domina daughter , and it messed up several owners waiting

However it also gave 4 families a wonderful family pet

Oh you little fakers!!!!

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