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Dexter , dexter , dexter

What a boy!!!!!

I was looking for a secondary stud dog and found dexter , he was 11 months old and it was love at first sight

Here he was

By the time id seen his pedigree i was completely and utterly thrilled and had paid for him.

A couple weeks later he arrived to England and after a day in london where princess Tatiana was crowned ( disney of course) we collected him.

When i met him , george and the children ( just Harlie and Cydnie back then) were inside a hotel eating

It was dark and i saw him in the shadows just his outline and I remember thinking what a beast!!!!

And he was, his bark was huge his head huge ( even more so because of his tender age) and his plush coat which was fit for a king to wear

Dexter was sperm tested , great and hipscored with a total of 7. Amazing

And then his personality arrived, amost 2/3 months after he arrived, he would do the most crazy back wiggles to itch himself on the floor , he completely adored dory , who hated him at first

He loved boiled eggs , he loved spaghetti and deer antlers

He made some very memorable puppies

One night i stood in the tack room texting as it was raining about 11pm , it was summer rain and i was checking waters

Dexter took a funny turn, he went a funny shape he was pushing his bum into me and wasnt being very gentle, i thought it might be a heart attack , i could feel his heart racing and the noise was very odd.

I looked to our bathroom knowing george was in the bath and the window open, i was about to shout for help , but everything clicked, there stood in the shadows was a man next to my oil tank.

Dexter noticed i noticed and pounded towards the man , who hopped the fence screaming!!!!!!

What a boy!!!!!

Dexter gave blood multiple times too!

When George was fixing the roof , it became windy and George got stuck ( he dont do heights either) i called a friend to help George off the roof, left George hugging the roof and went to pop dinner in the oven , the back gate was unlocked and Georges friend arrived

Cydnie went to let him in , dexter ( he with the giant mouth in giant head, may as well be the gruffalo) grab cydnies arm and pulled her to the back door , i heard Cydnie complaining to dexter and caught the last few steps , once dexter got Cydnie to the back door he went to guard the gate

The only marks cyd had were slobber , essentially he had “ bitten and pulled” her without a mark!

I then shouted to dexter it was ok, but had to go and let Georges somewhat now nervous friend in! To rescue roof hugging George!!!!

Dexter had only been here a short while and not raised with children when this happened

If diesel is the tom hardy of the dog world dexter was jason momoa

I lost dexter to bloat, it was a very long sad day as some friends were also loosing their beautiful amber to cancer , im sure amber , a pretty lil thang, and dexter the beast of a dog are at the bridge together as a power couple


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