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Ourfairview morning star

over the next few weeks im going to add some past and present dogs, so you may spot their name in your pedigrees .

Homer ;) aka the quiche king offical title " ourfairview morning star "

Homer was an extra!!!!

daisy had 4 puppies, on christmas day, and i have 5 people waiting, deedee was mine , dasher also mine daphne and rufus

after rufus was born i knew i had to make the call to say no puppy for the 5th family who wanted a boy

7 hours later , while daisy was eating my christmas dinner, she leaned to the side and popped out another perfect puppy !!!! i gave the good news they had a puppy on christmas day while they were in florida , sat at there hotel " morning star"

viewing time came, and they arrived , in love instantly, and they named the puppy spike, spike changed to homer some weeks later , homer was perfect!!!!

during homers life, he was shown , he was used at stud and he was a much loved pet, i didnt own him, but he was always a close dog, we often showed together

his owners were strangers when they got him, now they are family, and i am godmother to their youngest who arrived after homer ,

They went on to get homer a friend, barney , and had a son from his 2nd litter Marvel

there are many memorable homer moments, puppies being born, rossettes being won, crufts!!!!