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Ourfairview morning star

over the next few weeks im going to add some past and present dogs, so you may spot their name in your pedigrees .

Homer ;) aka the quiche king offical title " ourfairview morning star "

Homer was an extra!!!!

daisy had 4 puppies, on christmas day, and i have 5 people waiting, deedee was mine , dasher also mine daphne and rufus

after rufus was born i knew i had to make the call to say no puppy for the 5th family who wanted a boy

7 hours later , while daisy was eating my christmas dinner, she leaned to the side and popped out another perfect puppy !!!! i gave the good news they had a puppy on christmas day while they were in florida , sat at there hotel " morning star"

viewing time came, and they arrived , in love instantly, and they named the puppy spike, spike changed to homer some weeks later , homer was perfect!!!!

during homers life, he was shown , he was used at stud and he was a much loved pet, i didnt own him, but he was always a close dog, we often showed together

his owners were strangers when they got him, now they are family, and i am godmother to their youngest who arrived after homer ,

They went on to get homer a friend, barney , and had a son from his 2nd litter Marvel

there are many memorable homer moments, puppies being born, rossettes being won, crufts!!!!

but the one thing that ill always remember about the lovingly known cloth ears???? his dramatic car entrance!!!!!

Homer was never keen on getting in the car, he was in his prime over 90kg, he was also very very strong, dan his " dad" would get him almost to the car and then homer would either " drop dead" or "turn to stone" ocassionally he may jump in if one of my girls were in the car, but very rare

this caused dan great annoyance i imagine, but was always side hurting funny for me, of course sometimes i helped, but helping was not always helpful!!!!

i remember many shows, he would run perfectly , walk beautifully around, then bang, car in sight...... hahahahahahaha

Homer and dream produced 2 litters which also included the first litter being my first ourfairview x ourfairview litter

he was a pretty big boy, and his heart was utterly full of love

he was made from 50% love 50% quiche



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