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if your not a breeder, stop breeding!!!!

So the law is changing, and breeders are becoming far more watched, by the council and by the public and indeed other breeders

What I still cant understand is , why are people who breed so very adamant they are not breeders???? Over the last few weeks, ive seen time and time again people breeding but claiming not to be a breeder , clearly there and my definition of what a breeder is, is very different

The excuses for not health testing is now because people are not actual breeders??? WELL surely if you bred a litter you are a breeder and surely if you wanted to breed you would have known you would be called a breeder??? Is it to get around certain laws? Or perhaps they were in a rented house ? or they think breeders are hideous ??

Are people that breed but don’t want to be called a breeder thinking that breeding is wrong? If so that’s a problem they have to sort out in their own minds


real breeders health test,

real breeders buy in new blood

real breeders know the rules around breeding

real breeders spend hours and hours researching pedigrees

real breeders spend hours raising a litter

real breeders spend years moulding there lives to fit the dogs

real breeders spend thousands on their dogs

real breeders spend months talking to people who took home a puppy

real breeders know the correct nutrition for a pregnant bitch

real breeders know how to deal with health test results

real breeders spend hours holding their puppy buyers hands

real breeders heart aches every time a dog is poorly

real breeders nurse there poorly dogs the same as their poorly children.

real breeders still have real hearts that really do break when a dog dies.

real breeders spend their whole life doing what needs to be done, day and night every week month and year, they don’t dip in and out of breeding half heartily, or don’t test a bitch first because she might not get pregnant and it will be a waste, they drop everything

if someone is poorly in their dog family, because family is family

Christmas day is not a day off if your needed your needed, your birthday isn’t a day off, the day you give birth isn’t a day off , if you’re a breeder you are a breeder all the time

Be proud to be doing your best, following what sits right with you and to aim higher than each year passing.

daisys christmas day delivery

These half in half out semi rule following part time wobbly non breeding, breeders they are the ones who think things don’t count or matter , that health tests are ok not done, just for pets

our family

Its time to realise every single puppy matters . Your puppy matters to you, and it should matter just as much to the breeder , who knows they are a breeder and are proud of their progress, and their doggy family and want to share that joy with you .

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